Bakery 101

Ireland’s Beloved Quick Bread.

Irish soda bread is a type of quick bread that uses baking soda as a leavening agent instead of the more common yeast. While this may not seem like much of a revelation today, since baking soda is common in all kinds of recipes, it was a boon to bakers in Ireland in the mid 1800’s. At that time, Ireland did not have a strong tradition of yeast bread making because, unlike many other European countries, the country did not produce much of the high-protein (hard wheat) flour necessary for making good yeast breads. When baking soda was introduced to the country, it pretty much replaced yeast; it produced a reliable rise in the oven, made tasty loaves of bread and worked perfectly with the softer Irish flour.

According to our Experts, there are four, basic ingredients in Irish Soda Bread – Read what they are.

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