Gourmet Cheese 101

Fresh Cheeses of the Season.

Fresh sheep or goat milk is only available spring through summer months. After that, most sheep and goat milk cheeses are made using frozen or powered milk. The texture and flavor of the sheep and goat milk cheeses are much better when fresh milk is used. Fresh un-aged Chevre or fresh goat’s cheese is made by pasteurizing the milk first. Most of these cheeses are only aged for a month or so, which helps them keep their grassy-fresh, milky flavor. Good, fresh Chevre, for instance, has a bright, zesty and grassy flavor.

Fun Facts –
  • Of the three types of cheeses – sheep, goat and cow – goat milk cheeses are easiest to digest.
  • Sheep milk produces the creamiest, most deliciously succulent cheeses.
According to our Experts, here’s What’s in Season this spring.
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