Meat 101

Braising for Fall Comfort Meals.

Braising makes meat amazingly tender and incredibly moist and flavorful.

Follow these simple steps for braising:

  • Season and sear the meat on all sides in a heavy pot with a lid until you get a deep dark color all over. Remove the meat from the pot and set aside.
  • Sauté onions, carrots and celery in the drippings from the pot, careful to brown the veggies without burning them.
  • Deglaze the pot by adding water or broth to the heated pot and stirring and scraping up the browned up bits in the bottom of the pot until they are dissolved into the liquid.
  • Return the meat to the pot with the juices from the meat as it was resting along with the broth from deglazing. Do not completely submerge the meat, just about half way. Bring the liquid to a simmer and then cover and place in a preheated 325-degree oven.
  • Continue to cook until the meat is fork tender.
  • You can add any veggies that you prefer about 45 minutes before the meat is done.

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