Nutrition 101

Healthy Chicken . . .

  1. – according to the National Chicken Council, nearly all the chicken and chicken products sold in the U.S. come from chickens hatched, raised and processed in the U.S. The FDA and USDA have monitoring and testing programs in place to assure that food is safe to eat and there are no harmful antibiotic residues present in the food that you and your family consume.
  2. –reasons why a chicken may be administered antibiotics:
    • A veterinarian may use antibiotics to treat a sick chicken;  
    • They may use antibiotics to control the spread of illness on a farm;  
    • Antibiotics may be used to prevent diseases at times when livestock are at risk;  
    • The controversial use of some antibiotics for growth promotion has been addressed by the FDA and is being phased out.  
  3. –several constructive tools being used to keep chickens healthy:
    • more individualized nutrition plans;  
    • probiotics and vaccines;  
    • improved barn conditions;  
    • enhanced training and education programs for farmers and technicians.  

What about hormones in chicken?

  • Feeding chickens hormones has been illegal in the U.S. since the 1950s. The only difference between chicken labeled hormone-free and chicken not labeled as such is how the company chooses to market the product.  

See Spotlight on Taste for more information about chicken and egg labeling.

According to our Experts, there is such a thing as Antibiotic Free Chicken - read what that means..