Considering Produce this Season?

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Here are tips for building a healthy, summer salad:

Make Your Own Salad Blends . . . or Not! Making your own salad blends ensure a fresh flavor and is typically less expensive than a prepackaged blend. Lettuce can easily be washed and cut in a matter of minutes. However, if convenience is what you are after, the prepackaged, prewashed containers are the way to go.

Soak Your Salad Greens. In an ideal world, the best way to wash greens is to soak them in a large bowl of cold water. After lifting the greens out of the water, all the dirt will remain at the bottom of the bowl. The cold soak not only helps to remove dirt and debris, but also helps to freshen up the greens. Dry the greens on a clean kitchen towel or paper towels and lightly pat dry. When time and convenience come into play, pull out the salad spinner. It washes and dries salad greens quickly and efficiently. If you do not own a salad spinner, you are missing out! Purchase one at your nearest McCaffrey’s.

Properly Store Your Salad Greens. Wrap the clean greens in paper towels and place in a large Ziploc-style bag. Be sure to gently remove as much air from the bags as possible before sealing. Store in the vegetable crisper, making sure to check the bags every 2-3 days, and replace any damp towels with dry ones.

Make Your Own Dressing. Homemade salad dressings are easy clean and easy to make. Most dressings can be made in advance and stored in airtight mason jars or container in the fridge. These dressings can usually work well for marinades as well. Try this Summer Salad recipe – make extra dressing and enjoy all week long. Add the salad dressing just prior to serving for crisp greens. Use tongs to evenly distribute dressing. If you have plastic gloves, simply use your hands to gently toss.

Be Creative. When creating new salads, combine different colors, textures and flavor. Add nuts or pita chip pieces for a bit of crunch. Goat cheese and avocado slices lends a creamy texture. Fruit adds a pop of sweetness. Boost protein content and add a savory twist by including some beans. With all these elements in just one dish, a salad can become a satisfying meal!

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