Beer 101

Forget-about-Summer Beers!

Beer colors deepen & flavors get toastier as the harvest table calls for these malty partners:

Pumpkinthe whole pumpkin craze is either a hate-it or love-it relationship – from a light-bodied ale to a dark & thick porter or stout

Oktoberfest – originated from Bavaria & known commonly as Marzen – medium to full malty body & beautiful amber color

Brown Ale – well-balanced blend of nutty & roasted notes with toffee & caramel flavors shining through

Red/Amber Ale – balanced toasted malt profile & creamy mouthful with a range of bitterness – from mild, roasty & toasty to thick, malty & hoppy!

IPA – they are year round, but the fall is when the heavy hitters really start to come out – thicker & higher in ABV!

According to our Experts, here's What's in Season this summer.