Gourmet Cheese 101

Create a Perfect Cheese Plate.

People are learning new languages and taking up meditation during this stay-at-home time. Why not learn to perfect a cheese board, for your first gathering, post-shelter in? We’ve shared these tips before, but here’s how you can practice at home! 

These are a few simple principles to follow:

  • You will need 1 oz. to 1.5 oz. per person of each type of cheese. Stay-home idea: make a guest list! 
  • Keep your numbers odd – cheese plates should have an odd number of cheeses. Stay-home idea: find (or make?) a board or fancy (or not!) plate or platter from your cupboards! How many will fit? 
  • Select a variety of different types of cheeses – aged, soft, firm and blue. Stay-at-home idea: write down your favorites; make a list of some you research online & vow to try some new ones at our Gourmet Cheese Department when we start sampling again! 
  • Pick one cheese from each type of milk – cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s. Stay-at-home idea: see above! 
  • Arrange cheeses from mildest to strongest. Stay-at-home idea: If you don’t have the real products at this time, cut out different shapes to represent your cheeses, breads & other pairings (see below) & arrange them on your board, plate or platter! Planning your platter will help you pull it together quickly when you have all the actual ingredients! 
  • You should have a variety of crackers or breads. Stay-at-home idea: add these to your grocery list.
  • Fresh and dried fruits work well as pairings. Stay-at-home idea: add these to your grocery list.
  • Add a few accompaniments like toasted nuts, fruit, quince paste, honey, jams or preserves. Stay-at-home idea: add these to your grocery list.
  • Relax and Enjoy! We will get through this together! 
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