Gourmet Cheese 101

Fall Harvest Cheeses and Cheese Boards.

Some simple guidelines that will help make putting together cheese boards both easy and fun: 

  1. Select a variety of the following – 
    • Aged cheeses – typically left to cure for more than 6 months; usually the longer the cheese is aged the sharper and nuttier the flavor becomes. 
    • Blue cheeses – usually salty and sharp. 
    • Soft cheeses – creamy, mild and buttery and usually spread on crackers or bread. 
    • Firm cheeses or hard cheeses – often pungent and packing a flavorful punch. 
  2. Try adding meats, breads & other accompaniments – 
    • The Charcuterie – prosciutto, soppressata, salami and pâté work well with cheeses. Seasonal varieties of these will make the most impact. 
    • The Bread & Crackers – a good thin sliced French baguette, breadsticks, sea salt crackers or any mild crackers are good additions. 
    • The Accompaniments here is the opportunity to pick the seasonal, fall items that will round out the flavors of your fall harvest cheese board. Pick seasonal produce items like apples, pumpkin and cranberries. Try spiced jams and chutneys or apple butter as well as mustards, honey and even a real maple syrup. Olives, candied nuts, roasted almonds or roasted pumpkin seeds kick it up a notch. 
According to our Experts, here’s What’s in Season this fall.