Deli 101

Lunch Ideas for Kids.

Try mixing different ingredients that your children like – turkey breast with cranberry or ham & cheddar cheese on a pretzel roll. Our new line of deli meat – turkey, ham, or chicken – can be sliced any way your family likes, from thin to julienne. There’s no fat, fillers, MSG, artificial flavors/colors, or gluten. Ask for a slice while we’re customizing your deli order!

Use different breads, pitas, wraps or slider rolls to make sandwiches more interesting: 

  • Chicken breast with thin sliced pears in a pita
  • Turkey breast sliders with cranberry sauce
  • Cheddar cheese and sliced apples on multigrain bread
  • Ham and Swiss cheese with sliced cucumber or pickle in a wrap
  • Tuna and lettuce rolled inside a tortilla
  • Smoked ham with pickles and Dijon mustard on French bread
  • Turkey & cheddar roll up
  • Turkey, chicken or ham & cheese kabobs
  • Hummus & pita bread 
  • Crackers and cubed cheese and turkey

According to our Experts, here’s What’s in Season in our Deli Department.