Floral 101

Fresh-Cut Flower Care.

Here’s how to make your Valentine’s or any fresh-cut flowers last longer:  

  • Prepare a clean, non-metallic vase with water and flower food according to directions on the packet (five-gram packets make one pint of solution; ten-gram packets make one quart of solution).
  • Remove foliage that falls below the solution level in the vase. 
  • Re-cut the stem ½ inch under clean water (a sink or bowl will work) 
  • Place immediately in the prepared vase. 
  • Maintain solution level by adding more flower food solution according to directions. 
  • To revive a drooping, bent-neck bloom, re-cut the stem under clean water and replace in the vase. 
  • For maximum enjoyment of your flowers, keep them away from direct sunlight, drafts and heat sources. 

Did you know? When handling roses, always recut the stems with a knife or a garden pruner. Each rose has its own characteristics which effect how quickly and how and how wide it will open. The shorter the stem, the longer the bloom will last.

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