Frozen Foods

Exceptional Frozen Foods Every day

Behold the evolution of Frozen Foods – all-natural side dishes, gourmet-inspired entrees, delicious desserts. This is not your parent’s frozen food aisle.

Exceptional Frozen Foods Every Day

Customers have their choice of exceptional frozen food at McCaffrey’s. We stock more than 2,000 frozen food offerings – from all-natural side dishes to gourmet-inspired entrees and absolutely delicious desserts. Everything to make a perfect, no-fuss dinner without the mess . . . and prep time.

At McCaffrey’s, we’ve been making our recipes exactly as you would at home. All of the frozen food brands we stock use the finest ingredients. Many varieties contain no additives, no preservatives, no gluten and no GMO’s. From Amy’s Veggie Pot Pie to Edy’s slow-churned ice cream, our frozen food puts quality and taste first. Need help with your menu tonight? Let us know how we can help.