Java Jim's 101

Cold Brew, Cold Press or Toddy Ice Coffee!

Cold brew or cold press refers to the process of steeping course ground coffee in room temperature or cold water for an extended period, usually 12 to 14 hours in our Toddy Brewer.

Here’s more info about our cold brew:

  • Very low acidity, more intense flavor, not astringent and livelier on your palate
  • Seems sweeter than regular brewed coffee because of its low acidity
  • Not to be confused with iced coffee, which is brewed hot and then chilled by pouring over or adding ice!
  • A coffee concentrate that is diluted with water
  • Less caffeine than regular brewed coffee

Our cold brew has a 14-day shelf life, but it usually doesn’t stay in stock that long because our customers love it. Come in and try one today and notice the cold-brew difference!

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