Java Jim's 101

Refreshing. Surprising. Flavorful!

Our recent taste test of this season’s Cold Brewed Iced Teas can overwhelmingly be categorized by these three adjectives:

Refreshing – Our Summer Mint Cold Brew is pure mint flavor! Invigorating & Cool! (caffeine free)

Surprising – Our Fig Lavender Black Cold Brew is quite surprising with a hint of lavender followed by a distinct fig taste! Unexpected & Delicious! (caffeinated)

Flavorful – Our Peach Apricot Cold Brew combines these two in-season stone fruits into one powerful punch! Light & Fresh! (caffeine free)

How do we brew it? Our baristas put 2.5 ounces of loose leaf MajaTei in a cheesecloth submerged in a gallon of filtered water and let it brew for 14 hours.

Ask your Barista about joining our Java Jim’s Club Card Program! Buy 10 cups of brewed iced coffee & your 11th cup is free!*

*Free item doesn’t count toward a new Club Card.

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