Meat 101

Winter Comfort Food.

Here are some specific recommendations for cooking a roast or piece of beef:

  • Braising is a simple, low and slow process where the meat cooks in liquid in a covered pot. For best results, a cast iron pot or Dutch oven works great. Braising is ideal for less tender cuts of beef which are also more economical.
  • Roasting is a method of cooking that uses dry heat and usually an uncovered pan. It provides a crispy exterior which locks in the natural juices and creates a juicy interior. Roasting will also give you a roast that will be well done on the exterior and medium to rare in the interior.
  • Crock Pot is similar to braising – the process is low and slow and uses liquid to cook in. A crock pot is simple to use and can be left alone for hours while cooking. Just add the beef, some broth or other liquid, vegetables and some seasonings, cover and the crock pot will do the rest. It is also ideal for less tender cuts.

According to our Experts, here’s What’s in Season in our Meat Department.