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Supporting farmers close to home gets you the delicious, high-quality, fresh products you enjoy.

Griggstown Farm

Princeton, NJ

In 1975, George Rude began raising a handful of quail on two acres of a farm located in the historic village of Griggstown in Princeton, N.J. At that time, the property was owned by Peter Josten. By the time George Rude purchased the land from Josten in 1992, the Griggstown Quail Farm had grown to over 65 acres raising pheasants, quail, chickens and, when in season, Mallard and Muscovy ducks, turkeys, and partridge. All the birds were all natural (free of growth hormones and antibiotics) and cage free without overcrowding, a standard George Rude keeps to this day.

The farm is proud to raise all natural free-range heritage breed turkeys, which are the closest breed to the turkeys that the Pilgrims ate. We also raise free range traditional white turkeys and free range pheasants. The farm houses a USDA processing plant which processes poultry five days a week. Deliveries to distributors and restaurants are made every day.


Harleysville, PA

Leidy's pork is special. Their ongoing dedication and uncompromising standards of quality from the hogs they breed and raise, to the traditional processing methods, ensure customers receive only the most tender and juicy natural pork. Their processing standards are among the highest in the industry so you're assured of the finest quality, whether it is fresh pork or one of their tasty hams, bacon or sausages.

Plainville Farms

New Oxford, PA - Est. 1835

Experts in farming since 1835, Plainville Farms was one of the first turkey companies in the country to humanely grow healthy and great-tasting turkeys with natural, time-tested methods refined over six generations of farming. Their turkeys are never given antibiotics; are fed a vegetarian diet, including plenty of water; and, are humanely raised.

Roseda Black Angus Farm

Monkton, MD

At Roseda, farmers interact with all segments of the beef cattle industry from Angus breeders to commercial cattlemen, to feedlot owners, to packers, to retail stores, to "freezer beef" consumers. This gives them a unique perspective of the beef industry and motivates them to produce Angus genetics that create both the greatest economic value for producers and the best Angus beef product for consumers.

Bell & Evans

Fredericksburg, PA

Bell & Evans has been a pioneer in the natural foods market for four generations, beginning in the 1890's. It all starts with what they do and do not feed their chickens. They’re raised on an all vegetarian diet of corn, extruded and expeller pressed soy beans, vitamins and minerals and plenty of fresh well water. No antibiotics . . . ever.