Organic Gourmet Cheese

Go Organic – with Gourmet Cheese

From Sliced American Cheese for sandwiches to Organic Jack Garlic & Herb Wedges for snacking, McCaffrey’s commitment to stocking Organic is exceptional. Below, we highlight a few brands with products* that we sell in our cases. They all have one thing in common – they’re full of flavor, but empty of GMO’s.

Here are a few of our staffs’ favs that we serve to our own families:

Rumiano – Organic Cheeses – their organic cheeses are the world's first non-GMO verified cheeses. Made from carefully selected organic ingredients, these cheeses are fresh and flavorful – from Organic Gouda to Organic Mild Cheddar.
Featured RecipeHuevos Rancheros

Sierra Nevada™ Cheese Company – Organic Cheeses – the certification they have formed for their Certified Graziers program exceeds Organic Standards on many levels, since they are third-party certified to meet rigorous management standards and practice a fresh rotational grazing system.
Featured Recipe – Stuffed Jalapeños

Trickling SpringsOrganic Raw Milk Cheeses – stand-out cheeses because of the quality of grass fed milk they use to make their cheese and their “truly raw” processing of quality artisan cheeses.
Featured Recipe – Jalapeño Corn Muffins

ApplegateSliced Organic Cheeses, Sliced Organic Deli Meats, Organic Bacon, Dinner Sausages and Beef Franks – to read about their mission, Applegate Humanely Raised, click here.
Featured Recipe – Bacon & Onion Tart with Roasted Garlic Crust

Find out more about our organic products – Organic Produce, Organic Meats and Organic Grocery.

*Varieties may differ per store.