Ask Our Expert

Q: What do you suggest for football parties?

A: It’s football season, and McCaffrey’s Prepared Foods Department is ready! If you’re hosting or attending, here are some things to buy or bring:

  • Dips – Spinach, Roasted Onion, Mexican
  • Chicken Wings
  • Main – Chili, Meatballs, Sausage & Peppers, BBQ Pork
  • Salads – tubs of Macaroni and Potato
  • Deli Trays click here to view our selection

Grab fresh-made bread for your dips or sandwiches at our Bakery Department. We know that you can make some of these apps and entrees, but we want you to enjoy the party and your friends! Go [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE TEAM NAME HERE]!

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Mark Rohal

McCaffrey's Chef