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Q: What are some of the items on your St. Patrick’s Day Menu?

A: Here are some of the items on our St. Patrick’s Day Menu:

Traditional Corned Beef Dinner for oneslow cooked corned beef, steamed cabbage, carrots and potatoes

Open-Faced Spicy Reuben Sandwich corned beef, coleslaw, dressing, Swiss cheese and a pinch of cayenne pepper

Coddle a famous Southern Irish dish with potatoes, bacon, sausage and cabbage roasted with garlic and fresh sage

Steak, Stout and Potato Stew braised cubed beef, pearl onions and mushrooms, simmered in beef broth and dark beer

Irish Mashed Potatoes simple mashed potatoes with scallions and cream

Traditional Corned Beef seared, slow-cooked, fall-apart-tender corned beef!

Corned Beef Companions steamed cabbage, carrots and potatoes

Individual Shepherd’s Pot Pies ground beef, gravy and mashed potatoes

Irish Soda Bread traditional bread of Ireland!

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Mark Rohal

McCaffrey's Chef