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Meet Our Local Farmers

We’ve cultivated great relationships with local neighborhood farms. That’s why we offer seven-day-a-week, fresh produce deliveries.

Blue Moon Acres

Buckingham, PA – Est. 1992

Blue Moon Acres was started by Jim and Kathy Lyons in Buckingham, Pennsylvania in 1992 as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, growing a small array of vegetables and greens. Now, years later, they have grown to include various varieties of micro greens and Certified Organic specialty greens in their greenhouses and fields. The premise now is the same as it was at the beginning – to grow good quality food that is in accordance with the belief in taking care of yourself, the environment and each other.

Rook Farm

Ivyland, PA

For the Rook family, farming is a multi-generational affair. They began farming in the late 1800's in Ivyland, PA. Today, Rook Farms runs on six generations of family knowledge. Four Rook brothers work together, primarily cultivating grains, but their neighbors aka our Newtown McCaffrey's Customers know them for their sweet corn from mid-July through Labor Day or the end of September, depending on the weather! Here's the basic process: starting at 1 a.m., the Rook's pick the corn; package the corn; and deliver the corn to Newtown by mid-morning - - 7 days a week! Now that's farm-to-table fresh!

Bright Farms

Yardley, PA

Bright Farms grows produce locally, year-round, so it is thousands of miles fresher, tastier and more nutritious for you and your family!

Cassaday Farms

Monroeville, NJ – Est. 1870

Cassaday Farms started in 1870 when George Cassaday's great-great grandfather began farming the land. Over 130 years later, Cassaday Farms runs on four generations of family knowledge and his product line includes everything from corn to summer squash, broccoli and strawberries. George Cassaday grows over 1,500 acres of non-GMO fruits and vegetables using integrated pest management to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Cassaday Farms is certified in Good Agricultural Practices, which guarantees that his produce is handled safely.

Charlann Farms

Yardley, PA

Sam Stewart has been providing our Yardley and Newtown Markets with the freshest tasting sweet corn in town. He is a 4th generation farmer and is committed to working hard to provide the community with the freshest tasting local produce with the same pride and integrity that his father provided for many years.

Muth Family Farms

Willamstown, NJ – Est. 1990

Muth Family Farm is recognized as a leading regional farm in sustainable agriculture, soil development and organic farming. The innovative growing techniques of Farmer Bob Muth allow him to offer the season's earliest strawberries and the latest tomatoes, not to mention perfect organic sweet corn and red peppers. Muth Farm received the 2007 Mid-Atlantic Master Farmer Award for his work in sustainable agriculture, soil development, community supported agriculture and organic farming.

Solebury Orchards

Solebury, PA – Est. 1985

Solebury Orchards began in 1985 on 24 acres of land situated in the fertile soils of central Bucks County. This field, which originally grew crops of corn and soy beans, was transformed with rows of apple, peach, pear, cherry, plum, and apricot trees. Within several years, blueberries and blackberries were added to the list of crops. Small trees grew into a productive orchard, and in 1989 the orchard opened its doors to the public. Brian Smith, who started and still runs the farm today, is passionate about growing the finest quality fruit, seeking out the very best varieties, and planting new trees every year to keep the orchard productive for many years to come.

The Von Thun Family

Monmouth Junction, NJ

The Von Thun family has been farming their land since 1913 and is into their 4th generation of family members working hard to produce healthy and delicious Jersey fruits and vegetables. They deliver fresh picked sweet corn along with other vegetables on a daily basis to our Princeton and West Windsor Markets.


Olive Creek Farms

Columbus, NJ

Olive Creek Farms produces hydroponic basil and leafy specialties for the retail market. Their living basil is packed with the roots in a small amount of water, thereby extending the shelf life and keeping the plants healthy and vibrant for the consumer. In addition to sweet basil, they produce an array of specialty basil varieties, giving the consumer plenty of options for exciting recipe ideas. In addition, they grow butterhead lettuce and several other salad greens, all marketed as living products.