Produce 101

Food of the Gods.

Here is a little bit more information about persimmons, which translates to Food of the Gods in Latin:

Seasonality The persimmon season runs from September through December, usually peaking in November.

Taste When completely ripe, a persimmon’s flesh will become a custard type texture that has a honey sweet flavor.

Healthiness – Persimmons are a rich dietary source of fiber and contain many nutrients such as iron, Vitamin C, manganese and beta-carotene.

Ripeness – Leave your persimmons on a counter and let them sit at room temperature for up to a week, or – to speed up the ripening process – you can stick them in a brown paper bag with other fruits such as bananas or apples.

Eating – The Hachiya variety must be completely ripe to enjoy its custard-like flesh by cutting in half and scooping out with a spoon. The Fuyu can be eaten on the firmer side, which lends itself to slicing, chunking or eating out of hand like an apple.

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