Seafood 101

Black Pearl Salmon at McCaffrey’s.

Our seafood departments offer Black Pearl Scottish Salmon, a truly amazing farm-raised salmon, which distinguishes us from other seafood markets. Black Pearl Scottish Salmon always delivers a consistent, clean buttery flavor which is perfect for many culinary applications.

Some facts about Black Pearl Salmon: 

  • Raised in the clean and deep waters where the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean connect.
  • Antibiotic free.
  • Raised in low density populations, giving the fish room to swim freely, resulting in healthier fish and limiting the occurrence of disease and parasites.
  • Fed marine fish meal and marine oil, which imitates the fish’s natural food source.
  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Live harvested, processed and shipped to maximize freshness.
  • Available in custom cut fillets, and precut, skinless, 6-ounce portions.

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