Wine & Spirits 101

Beer for Wine Drinkers.

Many people assume that wine is a luxurious drink that can be paired only with special meals, while beer is a casual beverage to accompany only informal meals. Of course, beer and wine are two very different beverages; beer is brewed year-round from a variety of starches, treated more like an ever-evolving recipe to experiment with and perfect. Wine, on the other hand, is produced only once each a year from grapes of different varieties – a lifelong study in adjusting to nature's whims! These generalizations are true, but far too limiting.

Beer can be a serious, complex, “food-worthy” beverage, and wine can be simple, refreshing and "session"able. The quality of both beverages have been elevated in style and the nuances of the styles. And, while they are made differently, they are both fermented alcoholic beverages that can share flavor and structural similarities.

Here are some new ideas for both wine and beer drinkers:

If you like Chardonnay, then try Wheat Beer

- Chardonnays, like Wheat Beers, are complex while being smooth, light and refreshing

If you like Pinot Noir, then try Pale Ale

- Pinot Noirs are earthy yet light, and like pale ales, balanced and mellow

If you like Pinot Grigio, then try Pilsner

- a Pinot Grigio's simultaneously sweet and spicy notes are reminiscent of a Pilsner's hoppy, spice profile

If you like Chianti, then try Lager

- Chiantis are medium bodied, often bitter and acidic, much like a dry and crisp lager

If you like Sauvignon Blanc, then try IPA

- grassy Sauvignon Blancs and Hoppy IPAs are both versatile, bright, bold, herbal, often with citrus notes

If you like Red Zinfandels, then try Amber/Red Ale

- Zinfandels are full and sweet, so lovers of the malt-centric Amber/Red Ale will feel right at home

If you like Syrah, then try Porter

- Both Syrah and Porters are known for being powerful, dark and full-bodied

If you like Cabernet Sauvignon, then try Stout

- Cabs are dark & full-bodied with strong layered fruit flavors, the red wine version of a bold roasted malty stout

If you like Champagne, then try Hard Cider

- if you like crisp, sparkling wine then tart, fizzy cider is right up your alley.

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