Wine & Spirits 101

Great Versatility.

Red Zinfandels possess great versatility when it comes to food pairing! Try them with light meats such as pork, veal and turkey, as well as barbecued meats and lamb. Red Zins also hold up very well to seasonings and flavors, so don’t forget the spice aisle!

Close to 85% of total Zinfandel production goes to the popular, sweet wine – White Zinfandel –  usually enjoyed at summer parties. Red Zinfandel, on the other hand, can be a very interesting alternative to Merlot or even Cabernet Sauvignon. Even though Zinfandel can be lighter in color, it has great amounts of acidity and tannins, making it taste quite bold. It’s a very bright wine with lots of fruit and spice. Red Zinfandel also normally has a higher alcohol content (up to around 16%), adding texture and body.

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Glasses of red wine