Wine & Spirits 101

Wines to Try this Fall.

Expand your palette beyond Pinot Noirs and Cabernet Sauvignons this fall:

Syrah – it has the masculinity, darkness and bravado of Cabernet and the texture of Pinot Noir

Grenache – best known for their cherry nuances

Dolcetto – known for its juicy fruit, structure and bitterness; pairs well with earthy, high-acid foods like roasted peppers, mushrooms & eggplant

Rose – you don’t have to give up your rose when the temp drops: think Thanksgiving!

Zinfandel – boasting flavors of blackberry jam, baking spices & sweet tobacco; ideal for sipping next to a roaring fire on a chilly, fall day!

According to our Experts, here’s What's in Season in Wine & Spirits.