Sad, but true. Thanksgiving will be a bit different this year due to Covid-19. But that does not mean it can’t be fabulous.

Here are 10 ways to reimagine Thanksgiving during a pandemic: 

  • Keep things to a delicious minimum. Most of us are limiting our guests – so limit your menu items. Stay traditional – enjoy a smaller bird and focus on a couple of sides, saving room for your favorite dessert. Maybe this is not the year to serve mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and two types of stuffing!
  • Watch the portion sizes. Consider cooking a turkey breast rather than an entire bird this year. If you still want all your favorite sides, cut back on the volume.  Leftovers are great, but we all hate tossing out food after the holiday weekend.
  • Take advantage of McCaffrey’s prepared foods and catering. Order an entire turkey dinner to meet your needs or enjoy some of McCaffrey’s delicious and seasonal sides available at the prepared foods counter. Click here for our Thanksgiving Menu.
  • Host a happy hour: Invite a few local friends, family and/or neighbors to socialize earlier in the day when the sun is (hopefully) shining. Share some appetizers and drinks outside while socially distancing.
  • Rethink your menu: Since this is not a typical Thanksgiving, make it memorable. Talk to your guests – consider a Thanksgiving brunch, a seafood fest or a barbeque. 
  • Enjoy a virtual Thanksgiving: Coordinate a time, an activity and/or a menu. Perhaps you can enjoy appetizers together, just at different households. Set a place at your dinner table for your computer. Chat with friends and family during dessert. Cheer on your favorite football team or play a virtual game. Being apart does not mean you can’t enjoy old traditions or create new ones.
  • Get active: Pull out those lawn games like bocce ball, cornhole or volleyball from the garage. Take a walk or plan an outdoor scavenger hunt. This will not only help with the post-meal food coma, but these activities are also fun and allow for safe social distancing.
  • Make a video: This has been a tough year, but there is always something to be grateful for. Capture your thoughts on video and watch it again next year. Let’s hope for a safe, healthy and Covid-free Thanksgiving in 2021!
  • Safety first:  Refrigerate, freeze, or thoroughly reheat any food that has been sitting out at room temperature for up to two hours—and discard leftovers that have been left out longer than that. Most leftovers will keep three or four days in the fridge or up to four months in the freezer if wrapped properly.
  • Play a game of “Chopped”: How creative can you be with the leftovers? Will you turn the cranberry sauce into a dip? Make nachos with the leftover turkey? Or make pancakes out of the leftover stuffing and potatoes?           

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