Beer 101

Spring Into Beer.

Spring beers tend to be dryer and crisper than Winter styles. Here are some types of beers and flavor profiles to help you out of hibernation and into spring:

Saisons – a Belgian style of beer with distinct sourness, typically low in alcohol. Try a Transmitter SY1 Saison (available in our beer garden in 500 ml bottles)

Common – mildly fruity with an assertive hop bitterness.

Fresh Hops – thrown in for crisp, delightfully bitter beer.

Bocks – malty and slight sweetness, somewhere between a dark stout or porter and a pale ale. Try a Zoller Donator Heller Dopplebock (available in our beer garden in 12 oz. 4-pack bottles)

Pine – a slight hint of pine from particular hop varietals signals the end of winter!

According to our Experts, here's What’s in Season this spring.