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At Java Jim’s, we have a beverage for every member of the family – Specialty Beverages Frappes/Frozen Drinks, Smoothies, Hand-Crafted Beverages, Coffee by the Cup, and Loose-Leaf Tea by the Cup. View our seasonal menu below and ask your barista about our Coffee Club Program! There’s always something brewing at Java Jim’s – biscotti, cookies, chocolates, candies & other goodies and gifts, depending on the season! 

  • Marshmallow Mocha
  • Rosey Matcha - a matcha latte with rose & strawberry flavor
  • The Honey Pot - honey jasmine cold brew with white chocolate oat cold foam
  • Booster! Choose Your Cocktail - energy boosted lemonade (mango, peach or wild berry)
  • Char’s Vegan Hot Chocolate
  • Pecan Sam Latte - Warm buttery Cinnamon Bun with Pecans comes to mind... with Whipped Cream

Hand-Picked Tips

What’s your roast? Whether you’re a light roast with notes of stone fruit and cacao or the darkest-roast-you-have kind of coffee drinker, we have the coffee for you at any time of day! Our whole bean varieties are roasted, packaged, and fresh sealed (ask your barista to grind your beans, if you’d like). You can find them at our Java Jim’s coffee kiosks and in the coffee aisle in most of our stores. Grab a 12 oz. bag of Kenya, Onyx, Ethiopian Blue Harrar, Sumatra and more – read each label for the “roast” you prefer in your cup. Light, Medium, and Dark: we’ve got all your favorites!

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MEMORIAL DAY HOURS: All locations will be open 7am - 7pm on Monday, 5/30.