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At Java Jim’s, we have a beverage for every member of the family – Specialty Beverages Frappes/Frozen Drinks, Smoothies, Hand-Crafted Beverages, Coffee by the Cup, and Loose-Leaf Tea by the Cup. View our seasonal menu below and ask your barista about our Coffee Club Program! There’s always something brewing at Java Jim’s – biscotti, cookies, chocolates, candies & other goodies and gifts, depending on the season! 

  • Buddy's Breakfast Brew - Cold brew, maple spice syrup, oat milk & topped with chocolate cold foam
  • Son of a Nutcracker -Cold brew, hazelnut, a pump of cinnamon bun, oat milk & topped with chocolate cold foam
  • Beach Bum - Caramel Cold Brew with Oat Milk, Caramel Cold Foam & Pink
    Sea Salt
  • Campfire - White & Dark Chocolate, Oat Milk, Sweet Cold Foam
  • Flower Power - Lavender, Vanilla, Oat Milk, Sweet Cold Foam & Sprinkles
  • Wild Child - White Chocolate, Raspberry, Oat Milk, Cold Foam

Hand-Picked Tips

Cold Brew? Latte? Smoothie? Americano? Hot Chocolate? Swing by Java Jim’s before or after your shop and treat yourself to any of our/your seasonal favorites. We’ve got them all – from our specialties, like the Angry Lil’ Elf aka our dark chocolate & mint latte topped with chocolate cold form and the North Pole Narwhal, our cinnamon bun and toasted marshmallow cortado to our Son of a Nutcracker and Buddy’s Breakfast Brew. If you’re already over winter, try our Beach Bum cold brew with caramel, a splash of oat milk, sweet cold foam, and a sprinkle of sea salt. No need to drive to a separate coffee shop! And while you’re there, bring home a bag of coffee that our baristas can freshly grind while you are enjoying your beverage. Don’t mention it: we love our customers a latte!

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