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Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Cinnamon. Sugar. Vanilla. Now, open them. You could have sworn you were in your grandmother’s kitchen. Every McCaffrey’s bakery offers a complete line of freshly baked products, including artisan breads and rolls, pies, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, dessert cakes and fruit tarts. We specialize in all-occasion cakes, and we’ve taken custom-decorated cakes to another layer. Our decorators will work with you to put the icing on the cake for your special occasions – from showers and birthdays to rehearsal dinners and weddings. Please stop by to see what these artists are capable of or to sample a taste of home. 

  • Seasonally Decorated Cupcakes
  • Brioche Burger Rolls
  • Brioche Hot Dog Rolls
  • Brownies
  • Hope's Cookies
  • Pineapple Upside-down Cakes

Hand-Picked Tips

Need something to serve at the end of your Dad’s Day BBQ? Why not bring out a Hope’s Gourmet Cookie Tray? 

Nochemicals, artificial colors or flavors, or preservatives.

Yes rich dark & white chocolate, imported Dutch cocoa, all-natural peanut butter, Hawaiian macadamia nuts, fresh creamery butter and pure vanilla! 

While most other cookie doughs use flour or sugar as the leading ingredients, Hope’s Cookies contain 35% chocolate as the leading ingredient – perfect for Dad! 

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