Exceptional Meat Every day

We offer a full line of the finest meats and poultry ready for your oven, pan or grill. Plus, custom cuts from open to close.

Exceptional Meat Every Day

Can’t decide between Dry-Rubbed Flank Steak or Wood-Smoked Boneless Honey Ham? Our knowledgeable and friendly meat department staff will help you decide from a full line of the finest meats and poultry ready for your oven, pan or grill. Not only will you find the best cuts of fresh “Certified Angus Beef” – a.k.a. tender, juicy and flavorful – but you’ll also find a quality selection of organic & all natural beef, poultry and pork. We have products that are locally sourced, and custom cuts are available from open to close EVERY DAY.

Our ground beef is USDA Choice “Certified Angus Beef” which is fresh ground several times daily at each of our store locations from our own cuts of round, chuck or sirloin. Or, ask for a custom blend of brisket and boneless short ribs ground together to make mouth-watering burgers for the grill.

Still can’t decide? A great trim on our meats means less fat or bone which equals a great value for your dollar. So, pick up a black pepper tenderloin, fresh ground round and Italian pork sausage; you’re sure to delight everyone on your grocery list. Our knowledgeable staff members are always on hand to suggest cooking temperatures and timing. Or, contact our catering department to help you with your next gathering – from soup to MEAT to nuts. Let us know how we can help.

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