Java Jim's 101

Refreshing flavors for spring.

Here are flavor profiles for some of our iced teas offerings:

Berry Burst Black – Real blueberry, blackberry and raspberry bits add an authentic berry flavor to this black tea. Revel in the hints of berry and flowering herbal attributes.

Cranberry Green – Floral notes of rose petals, hibiscus and rosehips with citrus flavors of cranberry and apple bits are combined with sencha and safflowers. These floral, tart and citrus flavors pair perfectly with the natural flavors of this green tea.

Sencha Green – Fine Jade green tea delicately handled to bring a delightful aroma with a mild and fragrant finish. The flavor is clean and robust with vegetal notes.

Blood Orange Fruit Herbal – Citrus notes of blood orange and orange peels with floral notes of hibiscus blossoms infused with real apple bits.

Iced Chai Latte – A true Chai Tea – unsweetened and quite different from the powdered variety.