Java Jim's 101

What’s in a Cup?

Many factors affect the caffeine content of coffee:

type of beans – there are many varieties of coffee beans available, which may naturally contain different amounts of caffeine. For example, Arabica has about half as much caffeine as Robusta.

roasting – lighter roasts have more caffeine than darker roasts, medium roasts have the most. The longer beans are roasted, the less caffeine they have.

type of coffee – caffeine content can vary considerably between regularly brewed coffee, espresso and cold brewed coffee.

The average caffeine content of an 8-oz, brewed cup of coffee is 95 mg. A single espresso or espresso-based drink contains 63 mg, and a 12-ounce serving of an iced cold brew contains 150 mg.

serving size – one cup of coffee can range from 1–24 oz., greatly affecting the total caffeine content.

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