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Q: How do I choose the perfect roast?

A:Choosing the perfect roast includes size, color, marbling, fat, shape and our butcher’s expert advice:

Size – plan on approximately 8 oz. for each adult and 4 oz. for each child, adding a little extra for big eaters and/or leftovers
Color – bright, cherry red is what you are looking for!
Marbling – the little white flecks = tenderness, juiciness and awesome flavor!
Fat – you need a thin layer on the outside of the roast for a perfect crust!
Shape – look for a roast with consistent shape throughout for even cooking
Expert Advice – our butchers can recommend and cut & tie a roast to your specifications. Just ask!

See Meat 101 for some simple tips for seasoning and cooking your roast.

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Meat 101
Ken Toth

Director: Meat, Deli, Gourmet Cheese and Coffee