what's in season? seafood

What's In Season?

Fresh, Farm-Raised Black Pearl Salmon – try our heart-healthy, gluten-free & diabetes recipe for Thai Salmon

Warm- and Cold-Water Lobsters

Wild-Caught, Domestic, Shell on, Raw Shrimp – both fresh and previously frozen

Farm-Raised Shrimp – start the grill and try these Sesame-Ginger Shrimp Skewers

Fresh, Florida Stone Crab Claws (please pre-order this item) – best steamed or broiled (November to May)

Fresh, Local-Caught, Preservative-Free Sea Scallops

Fresh Fluke or Flounder Fillets

Fresh Swordfish and Tuna – find out more about yellowfin tuna at Seafood 101

Fresh Icelandic Cod Loins

Fresh Whole Fish Selections

View great Spring Seafood Recipes