Frozen Foods 101

Shriveled. Colorless. Crystalized. Oh My!

We all have those “items” in the freezer that we can’t identify anymore because they’ve been in there way too long! Are they mashed potatoes? Quiche? A Vegetable Medley? Who knows? The best way to know if your food is edible is for it to pass the sight and taste test; otherwise, you can use the chart below as a guide for your frozen items, assuming they are prepared and stored properly. According to our Experts, these frozen foods won’t stay in your cold storage for long – See our New Frozen Selections!

Food Approximate months of storage at 0°F
Fruits and Vegetables 8 – 12
Poultry 6 – 9
Fish 3 – 6
Ground Meat 3 – 4
Cured or Processed Meat 1 – 2
Already Frozen Selections Check the dates on the packaging