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Q: What's the best way to marinate seafood?

A: There are a plethora of options for marinating seafood. In comparison to beef or chicken, aquatic protein is far more delicate, and requires less time to marinate.

Marinating Guidelines

Steak fish e.g. Swordfish and Tuna – up to two hours

Firm fish e.g. Halibut or Seabass – up to an hour

Flaky fish e.g. Cod, Flounder or Tilapia – up to 30 minutes

In general, stronger marinades need less time, and milder marinades need more time. Extra caution needs to be used with marinades that are high in acid (ex. lemon juice, vinegar.). These acids can begin cooking the meat, resulting in a tough piece of fish. Always marinate your seafood in a glass dish or plastic container or bag. Never use a metal container or foil, as a chemical reaction can occur and ruin your food. Always marinate your seafood in the refrigerator, because bacteria can spread rapidly in warm temperatures.

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