We’re Going Paper-Less!

Our circular is now available online only via our website and email program. Don’t miss the opportunity to view what’s on sale, plan your meals, and help save our landfills from thousands of lbs. of coated paper!

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We’re Going Bag-Less In New Jersey!

In NJ, the single-use plastic and paper bag law went into effect on 5/4/2022. It prohibits the use of these bags in all stores and food service businesses statewide, a significant step to reduce harm and pollution that these products cause to our environment.

We are kindly recommending that our customers in our PA stores voluntarily comply, as well!

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All our stores are on energy management systems that dim the lighting depending on how busy we are. It’s linked to the lights at each register: the fewer lanes open, the dimmer the lights. 95% of the lighting in all our stores is now LED. The energy system eliminates all non-essential lighting overnight.

All our refrigeration systems were converted (or initially installed) with variable speed motors so they only draw the minimum amount of energy required for current conditions. Several, if not all, of our stores have heat reclaim that uses excess heat created by the refrigeration equipment to dehumidify the store.

Most of our stores have de-stratification fans which keep warm air from being trapped at ceiling height and increase the efficiency of the HVAC systems.

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