10 Reasons Why to Enjoy Soup This Winter!

Soup is high on the comfort food list. Nothing tastes as good as a bowl of hot soup on a cold winter day. Enjoy as a traditional 1st course, as a meal or along with a sandwich or salad.

Versatile. Whether you’re hankering for a light, broth-based soup or a meaty chili, soup can hit the spot. Eat a bland soup for an unsettled stomach or enjoy spicy soup for a bold appetizer. Cold soup, like gazpacho, is delicious in the summer months. The possibilities are endless.

Quick and Easy. Most soups take a cutting board, a knife, and a pot. It’s the ultimate one-dish meal with easy prep and easy clean up. Double up on the ingredients and freeze some in small containers to enjoy in the future.

A Vegetable Vehicle. Soups do not require an exact recipe so it is easy to add extra ingredients, specifically vegetables, to soup. Chop up and add greens to a pot of soup. Or add pureed squash and root vegetables into your soup for a creamier and heartier version without added fat or unnecessary calories. Studies have shown that soups can improve vegetable tolerance for kids, and adults!

Low fat and high fiber: Many soups are full of beans, grains and vegetables. All these ingredients are known for their low-fat and high-fiber composition, which makes soup a wonderfully healthy meal option.

Satisfaction guaranteed: Soups have a high water content which can satisfy your appetite in a healthy and hydrating way. If you skip the cream-based and cheese-based soups, soup tends to provide satiety with fewer calories than other forms of food.

Great Leftovers: The flavor of soup is even better the next day, so it makes great leftovers. Soups also transition well from thestove to the freezer and then to the microwave.

Use a recipe, or not: If the recipe calls for broccoli and you only have carrots, 9 times out of 10 this will work for your soup. Substitute rice for noodles, vegetable broth for beef broth, kidney for black beans, and turkey for chicken This may change the nature of the soup, but chances are it will still be delicious.

Cook it and Forget it: If your soup is ready to eat and you are not, the soup will happily simmer until ready to eat. Unlike many entrées, a hearty soup is one of the few main courses that will allow you to toss its ingredients into pot and walk away until dinnertime.

Hard to Mess Up: Soups are notoriously difficult meals to mess up. If you’re not pleased with your first attempt, just add more of something, and it’ll turn out fine.

Smells Good: The aroma of soup with the herbs, spices and vegetable will fill your home with a savory blend of wholesomeness.

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