Touchdown for a Nutrition Win

Big Game Sunday is one of the most anticipated game days of the year. Between the game, the TV commercials and the halftime extravaganza, there is always plenty of food. On average, American’s consume about 2,400 calories during the time the game is on TV. Studies reflect that 7 in 10 Americans will consume over 4 times the recommended calorie intake in just 5 hours. Yikes!

With many people making resolutions for a healthier lifestyle in the new year, it can be a challenge to balance dietary goals with favorite foods when Big Game Day rolls around. Have a winning game plan with the following suggestions:

  1. Consider Hosting: Take charge of the food. Prepare or assign guests to bring items you want to serve. While not every item on the table needs to pass the “clean eating test,” do your part to make sure there are plenty of healthy options available.
  2. Slow and Steady Wins Every Time: To avoid over-indulging, don’t “save all your calories” for the game. Keep your appetite at bay with a balanced intake prior to kick off. Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you plan to imbibe during the game.
  3. Plan Ahead: Take a few minutes to mentally prepare for what game day might entail. If someone else is hosting, bring one or two dishes to ensure you a safe option on the table. This Cheesy Spinach Dip recipe will be an incredible hit.
  4. Make a Plate: Fixing a plate helps control portion sizes and provides visual cues as to track how much food is being consumed. Try these Vegetarian Nachos made with buffalo roasted cauliflower for a great balance of flavor and nutrition.
  5. Make Smart Swaps: With a little creativity, you can transform Big Game favorites into healthier versions. These Buffalo Chicken Tenders are tasty alternative to chicken wings.
  6. Step Away from the Food: We are prompted to eat with the presence of food in direct eyesight. Get your food and move to a location where you will need to make an effort in order to get more to munch on.
  7. Be Mindful: The Big Game lasts nearly four hours. Plan small snacks throughout the game if possible.
  8. Indulge with Caution: Imbibing can spell dietary disaster. Food and drink intake can increase exponentially as game excitement builds up. Aim to drink at least two glasses of water for every alcoholic drink consumed to stay well hydrated. As always, have a designated driver! 
  9. Stay on Track: While the Big Game is once a year, special occasions occur all year long. And don’t discount those individuals that can trigger eating and drinking behaviors. If you do overindulge one day, it is not the end of the world. Review your dietary goals and move forward.
  10. Stay Positive: Maintain a calm and positive attitude whether your team wins or loses. Be cautious of stress eating and drinking in the heat of the moment. Honor your food preferences and your individual tastes to get the most enjoyment and satisfaction out of your foods and the big game.

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